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Dental surgery arrangements – how to do it right?

A dentist's surgery is a specific kind of commercial premises. Both the patient and the specialist must feel comfortable in it, and this is influenced by many different aspects. Aesthetic values are of key importance, but also functional ones - it is primarily a place of work. Find out how to furnish a dental surgery so that it fulfils its role well and attracts patients.

Aesthetics in the dental surgery – why does it matter?

Visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience for many patients. The austere, hospital-like and sterile décor can increase this impression. So it’s important to ensure that the décor inspires confidence in the customer. This can be achieved by using the right colours and materials, as well as design elements that are not directly associated with dentistry. Decorating the interior with soft fabrics, unusual furniture and interesting ornaments can effectively divert the patient’s attention from his/her fears and make the whole visit a pleasant experience.

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Arranging dental surgeries – where to start?

When designing the interior of a dental surgery, the applicable legal standards must be taken into account. Arrangements can be planned on their basis. Restrictions related to regulations include:

  • The size of the surgery – it should be at least 12 square metres;
  • ceiling height – minimum 3.1 metres;
  • division of rooms – separate reception, toilet, social rooms are necessary;
  • The presence of a waiting area – this should provide 5 seats per surgery and be visible from the reception area.

In addition to the statutory requirements, it is also necessary to pay attention to the limitations posed by the specific nature of the dental profession. The main factor which influences the final appearance of the surgery is the presence of appropriate furniture. The first fiddle here is obviously the specialist chair. It should be located in the centre of the room so that the dentist and the assistant have easy access to it. It is good to have cabinets for tools and instruments in its close vicinity. If necessary, you can also place a desk nearby, where the patient can discuss the course of the visit with the specialist.

Walls and flooring in a dental practice

Due to the need for frequent cleaning of the cabinet with strong disinfectants, it is necessary to rely on durable materials. There is certainly no place for wood or unnecessary fabrics. This does not mean, however, that the office must be maintained in a hospital aesthetic. A great way to add variety is to introduce colour or subtle patterns by using a wall mural or tile mosaic on the wall. It’s good for the patient to be able to see interesting design elements during the treatment – so their attention can be diverted to something other than their discomfort.

Reception and waiting room – how to arrange them?

These rooms play a very important role in a dental practice. The reception desk is the place where the first contact between a patient and the company is made, so it is worth taking care that it gives the impression of openness and hospitality. Such an effect can be achieved not only by professional and friendly staff, but also by using an appropriate arrangement. Warm lighting, muted, cosy colours, or a slogan on the wall to arouse positive emotions are great for this purpose. We have also used upholstered elements in our dental office design, which are associated with softness and comfort.

The waiting room is the place where patients spend their moments of accumulated stress before a visit. Any distractions such as magazines and newspapers next to the seats help to relieve the tension. It is also worth taking care that the waiting room is comfortable and functional – a sofa, armchairs or chairs, a coat hanger and a table are mandatory elements of the decor. Patients will also appreciate the possibility to drink water or coffee while waiting. There should also be a toilet nearby. Decorative elements are also important, such as brand slogans on the walls, plants or interesting wallpaper.

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Why is it worth caring about the arrangement of a dental surgery?

The benefits of a properly arranged dental surgery include, first of all, comfortable work for the specialist and a sense of comfort for the patient. It makes the visit run smoothly and the customer leaves satisfied. An interesting design can also distinguish the practice from its competitors and help to build a recognisable brand. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the presence of characteristic elements that fall in the memory.

Experienced architects can provide invaluable help in planning the design of a dental surgery. Specialists from the Happy Island team will take your requirements and patients’ needs into account in order to meet all your expectations and make your surgery unique.

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