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Michele&Mateo, Lubliniec

Michele&Mateo, Lubliniec

We do not always carry out investments that require a complete reconstruction. Sometimes the place just needs to be refreshed and somewhat modernized to give it a freshness. That was this way we approached to the interior of the Michele & Mateo café in Lubliniec.
While gastronomy has been frozen, the interior of the Michele & Mateo cafes has passed a small revolution to surprise customers after returning. In addition, in order to refresh the interior of the cafe, Brand has gained a new visual identification that we immediately filled up the interior! With the help of the fortune wheel customers can get an idea what to eat (and sometimes win prizes!). We have also created additional seating and a special corner for the youngest – knowing that often this place visits parents along with children.
What else has changed? The bakery zone has slightly increased its surface. Spatial letters, branding of apparaturs and showcases and also a lightbox menu made the cafe offer is even better visible, and customers without not looking at the printed menu can choose what they want today.

Piekarnia Cukiernia Łubowski




Architecture, Visual Marketing


April 2021

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