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oh! my smile, Strzelce Opolskie

oh! my smile, Strzelce Opolskie

Oh! My Smile – a modern digital orthodontics clinic. Each millimeter in this place was refined – from the reception to a corridor, offices and even toilet! That’s where the entrance is watching by monkeys on the wallpaper.

In the reception appeared a real selfie spot with a swing and a neon “Never Stop Smiling”. In the entire interior recurs bottle green and gold referring to the colors of visual identification of the brand. Upholstered elements appeared in many nonobvious places, not only on the couch but also on the reception counter and also in large letters “OH” located on the entrance.

For this brand, we also created a website that with design refers to the identification and the interior of the clinic – go to the project


oh! my smile


Strzelce Opolskie


Architecture, Visual Marketing


April 2021

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