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Piekarnia Cukiernia Łubowski, Częstochowa (Kaufland)

Piekarnia Cukiernia Łubowski, Częstochowa (Kaufland)

The realization for the bakery Piekarnia Cukiernia Łubowski located in the Kafualnd Market in Częstochowa began with close cooperation with the supermarket’s owner. In 2019, the Market went through modernization and this in Częstochowa was one of the first in Poland created according to the latest brand concepts.

Our main task was based on creating a friendly and modern bakery and gastronomy zone that would meet today’s trends. We cared about the visibility from the street, parking and also other parts of the Kaufland supermarket.

Our efforts started with clarifying all building details with contractors. We also represented the investor during all construction councils. We have prepared executive projects and agreed on details with carpenters.

The scope of our activities also included providing, lighting, refrigeration, furniture, tableware and visual identification consistent with key visual of bakery Piekarnia Cukiernia Łubowski.

In this case, we used the locality of the city Częstochowa and prepare the visual identity that refers to it. We placed many personalized objects as lightboxes and neons. We also did not forget about the youngest customers for whom we have created a safe corner for fun.


Piekarnia Cukiernia Łubowski




Architektura, Visual Marketing


September 2020

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