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Piekarnia Cukiernia Łubowski, Tworóg

Piekarnia Cukiernia Łubowski, Tworóg

Bakery Piekarnia Cukiernia Łubowski has sales points in a couple of cities. The sales point based in Tworóg is one of the most unique because located in a historic tenement building on Zamkowa Street. We began our work with the place potential analysis and then we prepared a concept that was based on our ideas.

We took care of the investment comprehensively, from the arrangement and executive projects, through construction councils with preservationists, to the stage of interior finishing, furniture making, and delivering all need equipment like refrigeration and lighting elements.

During the final stage, we dealt with the visual identification of the place. We used lightboxes, neons, and a centrally controlled digital signage system.

Our main goal for this sales point was to keep a retro character consistent with the brand’s key visual.


Piekarnia Cukiernia Łubowski






August 2019

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