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Profit Częstochowska, Lubliniec

Profit Częstochowska, Lubliniec

Investment on Częstochowska 87a Street in Lubliniec is an example of a commercial space project implemented in a combination of architecture with marketing. It consists of a delicatessen and bakery with a cafe. The concept aims to combine pleasure with necessity, or shopping with rest. Below we present this first – part of the delicatessen Profit.

We have created a place where the Profit brand slogan “The pleasure of shopping for the whole family” finds its realization. The interior is filling the warmth of wood with contrasting concrete and black. Broad accents are neons and wallpaper, in which we have smuggled the locality elements in the form of characteristic places associated with the Profit brand.

As part of the cooperation, we have developed a functional layout of the delicatessen, we chose and delivered finishing materials, we delivered refrigeration equipment, digital signage system and specialized lighting.


Profit Delikatesy




Architecture, Visual Marketing


September 2020

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